31. 05. 2022. - 12. 06. 2022.

MO-NO-HA Hannam

Naho Kamada's  Exhibition


鎌田奈穂 作品展

Naho Kamada, born in 1982, is a metal artist from Kumamoto, Japan. She studied metal craft, including the production of tea ceremony utensils, under craftsman Takejiro Hasegawa from 2005. In 2008, she became independent. Kamada creates vessels, cutlery, and objects made of sterling silver and aluminum, inspired by ancient objects from around the world.

19. 04. 2022. - 29. 05. 2022.

MO-NO-HA Hannam

OMA space's  Exhibition


This exhibition observes the various phenomena that occur at the point where two disparate substances meet, blend and traverse.

The first dot appears where the horizontal and the vertical intersect.

Yin and yang, longitude and latitude, weft and warp.

As the contrasting substances intertwine and fuse, a dot emerges.

This miraculous combination, fusion of contradictions becomes the beginning of all created living things.

That one dot is eternal without boundaries. 

We are always at that intersection.

In hoping that someone responds by instinct to the subtle vibrations occurring at that intersection…

12. 04. 2022. - 08. 05. 2022.

MO-NO-HA Seongsu

Kim Dong-wan's Solo Exhibition



My work begins with reminiscence. As countless memories and experiences overlap our life strengthens, and from reminiscing we realize that life was beautiful. I consider everything beautiful from the transparency and mystery of the glass itself to it’s shadow under light. Hot-melted glass is like an intangible state before the object takes shape.I roll hot glass on the end of the pipe and repeat the process of coating the surface with a layer of bubbles and then wrapping it with glass. This procedure allows the countless air bubbles to be trapped in the glass which eventually becomes a grain. Through the process of lacquering—applying layers of ottchil, then carving it—the once-hidden glass resurfaces with the grains, leading one to look back.

If you look closely, you can observe the colour of the glass shining amongst the grains of lacquer as well as the layers of the countless bubbles. I hope that the mysterious depth reflected through the layers will bring the shining memories back to you.